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Welcome to the Forum guys, be nice n be treated nice Wink

Now its bare basic at the moment but I will be making it look good as we go along Wink

Cheers Wink

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Tue Dec 02, 2014 5:13 am by Marbles

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Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:41 am by MadmanMac

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 Welcome.. READ THIS NOW

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PostSubject: Welcome.. READ THIS NOW   Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:41 am

yes yes, i know crimson et all, this was formally a crimson site, im in the process of changing that Wink

Rules of the Forum...

I can give you a whole set of rules etc, no foul language, no flaming, no racism etc. but there's a fine line between our in game chat humor and a bunch of rules. And so, on this point its all pretty open and down to your own discretion. Officers of the alliance are Moderators in the forum also, so hold that in consideration Wink

Basically, chat as you would in game Wink

If however I find something particularly offensive Ill personally have a word. I so do not want to have to do that.


!!!! Register with your in-game name !!!!

Welcome to the forum guys, now I know you cant see anything right now and to be honest that's how we like it, Unless you are a registered member and still cant see anything else......

Got to make it clear at the start, even a registered member will NOT have access to their alliance forum directly after registration, you will need to have either an Administrator or Moderator add you to the correct group. I make the difference here only for officers and regular players since the officers have their own open forum and better coffee.

IN GAME requests only, don't PM me, or any of the leaders/officers in the forum. If you didn't register with your in game name before, do so now. Pain in the ass I know but some bod just registering doesn't mean he is who he says Wink

This forum is group orientated and as such, you will be permitted to access only those areas of the forum as your alliance orientation allows.

!!!! Get access from Officers or Moderators !!!!

In this one case alone I am available to help by PM here and only by the officer/moderator. Preferably in-game though.

(although if ya get me drunk enough Ill add ya to the Porn section)


For now I am not going to run a Guest section here. Unless this forum gets considerably larger than I think it will then there's no need to do so. SO, this section of the Forum is locked. Id like to say enjoy the forum but since this is all you got as a guest I can only say register Wink

Important to note...

I'd like to make it clear that Marbles is me or if you wish Marbles is MadmanMac. Marbles is a gamer and stays as such here in the forum. MadmanMac is the forum administrator and as such legally obligated to control extreme and or illegal content posted.

IP's are logged as per standard practice.  (I cant turn it off)  So don't do anything stupid Wink

Finally, Id just like to say that the forums are for you to use (and me) to expand across the many different time zones and make a stronger alliance and have fun. Im sure there are plenty out there that play games they DONT enjoy. I am not one of them   bounce   Very Happy   bounce

Know your enemy, Respect your enemy, love your enemy............  Destroy your enemy and, as odd as it sounds, give em a wee final lick from WindowLickers Wink

-MadmanMac Laughing   tongue   pirat   Razz   drunken
Forum Owner

Tell Me or Marbles if you need to Report anything about the Forum's        rabbit        bounce        king        Twisted Evil        Very Happy

To be added to an alliance section of this forum, you will need to request your leader in game to add you AFTER you have registered here.
Guest accounts can not and will not be added to alliance Groups  affraid

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